Shapes Culture

From the conference room to the factory floor,
we make workplaces work for everyone.

Hersh + Hurd is the only full-service consulting and training firm focused on harnessing the power of communication to shape workplace culture.

Our Approach

Workplace culture matters. From recruitment and retention to reputation and revenue, the ripple effects of an equitable and healthy workplace yield dividends for everyone. The most effective way to create, shape, and strengthen workplace culture is through the use of communication.

Through workplace listening and language (spoken, written, unspoken, visual, and digital), day-to-day interactions, organizational practices, and codified policies, communication has the power to create, influence, and reinforce values, beliefs, norms, and biases – all of which shape culture.

At Hersh + Hurd, we work with our clients to examine their workplace culture and communication. Using our strategic expertise and services, we support clients on topics related to organizational transition and change management, gender equity, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), intergenerational workforces, and leadership growth to help them catalyze and achieve an equitable and healthy culture.

What We Do

Through our three practice areas – Workplace Culture, Gender Equity, and Strategic Communications – we deliver strategic insight and counsel, lead tailored trainings and workshops, and develop programs to support everyone’s ability to advance, lead, and thrive in the workplace.

We conduct organizational assessments to gain insight into policies, practices, behaviors, and lived experiences, and we partner with clients to transform workplace culture through an employee-driven strategy.

We design and conduct trainings and workshops to develop employees' knowledge, strategies, and tools – strengthening their engagement, impact, and sense of belonging in the workplace.

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We partner with organizations to develop and implement programs to improve workplace culture, increase employee engagement, enhance equity, foster inclusion, and strengthen communications.

We work with clients to develop communication strategies, branding, messaging, and practices for needs ranging from day-to-day internal engagement to external campaigns and crisis response.

We partner with clients to provide subject matter expertise on topics related to DEI; gender equity; workplace culture and communications; virtual workplace structures, practices, and policies; and women's leadership.

We conduct research including benchmarking and landscape analyses, and we develop metrics and tracking tools for clients to monitor and assess the impact of their investment in workplace culture.

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About Us

Led by principals Emma Hersh and Margaux Hurd, the Hersh + Hurd team has decades of experience in workplace culture, strategic communications, women’s leadership, and gender equity. Working globally across sectors and industries, the team has partnered with corporations, nonprofits, national and local governments, multilateral institutions, foundations, and individuals. The principals are global leaders in evidencing the 72:1 multiplier effect of investing in women leaders.